Walsh Brothers has earned wide renown for its craftsmanship and attention to detail and for the experience and commitment of its people. Since the turn of the 20th century, our mission has been consistent: to produce the highest quality and greatest value for our clients.

Knowing that our efforts will endure for generations, we strive to live up to the most exacting standards and take personal pride in all that we do, from the construction of highly advanced research facilities to the careful restoration of historic landmarks.

Boston University
Agganis Arena and Fitness Recreation Center

For more than 113 years, Walsh Brothers has provided exceptional service and quality to its clients. The firm's remarkable body of work includes the landmarks that have come to define our landscape, including historic landmarks, cathedrals, research centers, major medical centers, academic facilities, and corporate headquarters. Walsh Brothers' extensive client list consists of some of the world's most recognized names in academia, culture, healthcare, research, and business. Many of these client relationships are multi-decade in duration spanning countless assignments.