Building Information Modeling (BIM) is helping us to continually improve the efficiency and accuracy of the construction process for our clients. The tools that BIM provides allow for accelerated schedules, project cost savings, and the delivery of a higher quality standard. By providing a 3D visualization of the project earlier in the process, constructability issues can be brought to light and comprehensive quantities detailed for early budgeting through the use of the databases. BIM is helping us to eliminate the likelihood of cost, schedule or constructability surprises throughout the construction process.

BIM Services that Walsh Brothers offers 100% in-house include:

  • BIM Execution Planning
  • 3D Coordination & Clash Detection
  • 4D Schedule Analysis
  • Logistics & Safety Planning
  • Virtual Mockups & Constructability Review
  • Quantity Takeoff Reporting
  • FM Systems Integration Review & Assistance
  • Visualizations & Walkthroughs

3D coordination and clash detection provide opportunities for early trade coordination, prefabrication of systems and equipment, safer working conditions, and less waste on jobsites. Utilizing BIM, we are realizing those benefits in the project schedule as well as reductions in costly field changes. Walsh Brothers takes every opportunity to utilize this important time saving process on each and every project.