Walsh Brothers has embraced sustainable building design and construction wholeheartedly. Since the mid 90’s Walsh Brothers has promoted sustainable construction and today has an impressive portfolio of LEED® certified projects for an array of clients and varied project types.   We recognize that the promotion of LEED practices starts with on the ground level therefore; Walsh Brothers has always and continues to encourage all of our employees to attend LEED Training Workshops and to obtain their LEED Professional Accreditation by certification through the US Green Building Council (USGBC).
North Shore Community College
New Allied Health Sciences Building

In order to obtain a zero-net energy facility, Walsh Brothers installed an array of different sized photovoltaic solar panels in a large parabolic curved panel. In addition, the team installed fifty 500-foot geothermal wells on site which use natural resources to provide heating and cooling to the building. Another innovative energy efficient construction technique is the introduction of interior chilled-beams. Walsh Brothers also partnered with students of the Essex Agriculture School to jointly install a green roof garden. Over the course of a year, the building will produce as much energy onsite as it consumes. This project is on track to become the first zero-net energy facility in the State of Massachusetts and has a goal of LEED Gold certified by the USGBC.