Walsh Brothers

Founded in 1901 and Focused on the Future.

Walsh Brothers is a 4th generation family-owned construction management firm located in Boston. The firm has earned distinguished recognition for its ability to build the most sophisticated and complex projects with the highest standards of professional and personal ethics. Its extensive client list includes some of the world’s most recognized institutions and corporations.

Walsh Brothers’ rich and diverse history has included a wide range of projects, from constructing highly advanced research facilities to carefully restoring historic landmarks. The firm’s remarkable work has led to unparalleled expertise in building highly complex and sensitive facilities, such as hospital surgical and diagnostic suites, NICUs, medical office buildings, athletic centers, academic research and student housing buildings, corporate headquarters, residential towers, and performing arts venues.

Almost universally, these projects involve sophisticated climate control, plumbing, and electrical systems; intense system coordination; procurement and installation of specialized equipment; and careful phasing and sequencing of work.

Walsh Brothers’ projects are typically located in urban settings and active healthcare or academic campuses where construction activities must be carefully planned and executed without interfering with the ongoing sensitive operations of a client institution or the general public.

Often our project teams work directly adjacent to active operating rooms, classrooms, laboratories, or busy traffic and pedestrian areas and must develop particular protocols to ensure existing operations are not interrupted. We work to become invisible to end-users during the construction process.

In addition, these urban and campus settings demand a higher safety standard for construction operations due to the presence of so many different groups – administrative staff, faculty, medical personnel, patients, students, and the general public – who must have access to the institution during extended hours.

Because of the continued leadership by the Walsh family, clients have the comfort of knowing that they can speak directly to the company’s principals at any time. This active engagement with clients ensures that the Walsh tradition of exceeding expectations and quality performance characterizes every project. The Walsh Brothers family believes construction management is more than building structures; it’s about building relationships.

As Walsh Brothers look confidently to the future, we are committed to leading the industry in developing solutions to the challenges of the next generation – while staying true to the values of honesty, hard work, and the highest standards of professional ethics that have distinguished our company since 1901.