Project Viability and Cost

Owner’s Assurance.

Walsh Brothers’ involvement at a project’s earliest conception is an intimate A/E/C think tank designed to identify opportunities and give an owner the confidence that they are achieving their goals, getting the best use of the site, processes and materials, and receiving a realistic view of the potential project’s budget and schedule.

In addition to preconstruction, involving Walsh Brothers at concept design offers owners a team of seasoned builders, engineers, and specialty consultants. We have unique abilities to assess project viability, constructability, regulatory issues, and end-user requirements, and to solve potential problems through well thought-out sequencing and project phasing.

Our in-depth knowledge of complex construction methodologies means we can offer overall project guidance as well as cost- and time-saving alternatives to achieve project goals.

We build the right team in-house to provide expert project viability and cost analysis, which may include:

  •   Review of the Owner’s Goals
  •   Site Assessment
  •   Building Alternatives
  •   User Experience
  •   Community Impact
  •   Potential Costs
  •   RFP Development
  •   Schedule Duration and Milestones
  •   Building Code Requirements
  •   Hazardous Materials Identification and Plan
  •   Sustainability Goals