Preconstruction Expertise

The Builder’s Eye Can Yield the Greatest Impact on Project Cost and Schedule.

In the very early stages of design and construction planning, our award-winning team will dissect a project to its core to determine the smartest, most efficient approach to reach the highest level of quality for our clients. Walsh Brothers’ holistic approach and bold ideas can impact a project design, achieving a better outcome.

Walsh Brothers offers critical input regarding constructability, scheduling and cost implications, and infrastructure and regulatory issues. We track decisions on cost and schedule as early as project conception and establish the project’s initial budget. Each design iteration is targeted back to that budget, tracking changes that affect cost, schedule, and risk to the project. Sharing this valuable input during SDs, DDs, and CDs can eliminate the need for expensive re-design, identify true costs sooner, and offer cost- and time-saving alternatives.

Walsh Brothers works across all our specialties and personnel to optimize capabilities, resources, and knowledge including, at times, key subcontractors to identify the right team to work with the design team as the design progresses. This hand-picked team will have experience with the unique needs of each project including the scope, goals, budget, sensitivities, challenges, logistics, and end-user experience.

Well before the shovel hits the ground, we bring architectural ideas to life in exacting detail and together develop one foolproof plan.