Sustainable Design and Construction

Welcome to the Future of Construction.

Walsh Brothers has embraced sustainable building design and construction and strives to incorporate sustainable elements and techniques into each of our buildings regardless of whether LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is being sought. The benefits of sustainable design and construction fall into three main categories: environmental, financial, and social.

We encourage our employees to attend LEED training workshops and to obtain their LEED professional accreditation by certification through the Green Building Certification Institute. Currently, Walsh Brothers has 24 LEED certified professionals on staff. Eventually, each member of our project management staff will achieve this accreditation.

Our LEED accredited professionals also allow Walsh Brothers to be of assistance to our clients during every step of a building’s certification process. Our familiarity with the LEED rating system and various documentation requirements helps our team implement sustainable design strategies and construction practices that can offer cost savings to the owner while minimizing impact to the environment.

Although Walsh Brothers develops a unique, project-specific approach for every building, these
are a few examples of how we have helped clients achieve their sustainability goals:

  •   Selecting environmentally preferable materials and minimizing the amount of construction waste sent to a landfill.
  •   Using only products with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to enhance the indoor air quality throughout the life of the building.
  •   Installing occupancy-based ventilation to reduce exhaust and make up air rates when a room is unoccupied.
  •   Increasing water efficiency by installing dual-flush toilets and sensor faucets throughout the building.
  •   Choosing energy-efficient lighting fixtures to reduce electricity consumption.
  •   Giving preference to locally manufactured materials with recycled content.
  •   Providing bike racks and/or shower facilities to encourage alternative means of transportation.