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Dome Restoration

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT’s iconic Dome, which serves as a landmark for this premiere institution of higher education, was beginning to fail after years of environmental elements causing leaks in the roof. The Dome caps the Barker Engineering Library, which houses an historically significant collection of engineering journals that have specific humidification requirements.

“It is a testament to the professionalism of Walsh Brothers that despite the logistics and challenges of the project, the construction did not interfere with operations in the building or activity on the streets outside...We are pleased with the outstanding job they performed on this visible icon of the Institute.”

Director of Campus Construction
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Problems arose when the waterproofing within the elliptical Dome structure began to fail, allowing water penetration through the Dome’s structural concrete onto the library floor in various areas, which in turn was compromising the collections of books and valuable research. When the source of the leaks and the most appropriate remedy was determined, the existing limestone was dismantled, the concrete system below was repaired, a Kemper waterproofing system was applied and the non-damaged original limestone was reused. After withstanding more than 100 years of New England winters, some of  the original limestone had discolored and had to be replaced. The origin of the limestone was traced to a particular quarry in Indiana and more than 300 new stones were carefully integrated and woven together with reused stones after the waterproofing was completed.

Photo Credits: Krystal Layton


Cambridge, MA


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Associated General Contractors Aon Build America Award