Olsen Hall, Life Sciences Center Renovation, Phase I2021-02-03T17:27:38-05:00

Olsen Hall, Life Sciences Center Renovation, Phase I

University of Massachusetts Lowell / UMBA

Olsen Hall, a six-story concrete structure, was built in 1971, and is occupied by part of the Computer Science Department including Computer Science and Registrar classrooms, and most of the biology program including department offices and various teaching and research programs. The Phase One renovations to the occupied Olsen Hall consisted of a full renovation of the third floor and a general on the second floor. The project consolidated faculty offices from upper floors and renovated general classroom space. The transformation improves the functionality of the floors and brings in more natural light. Along with new classroom and office space, new collaborative spaces for students and faculty were created and new systems, providing greater occupant comfort and energy performance were installed.

Photo Credits: Robert Umenhofer Photography


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