BOSTON, MA, August 31, 2016 – Walsh Brothers, Incorporated has been selected to renovate and expand The University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Fox Hall dormitory. This popular and active 18-story dormitory, originally constructed in the early 1970s, provides housing for over 800 students, dining facilities with associated kitchens, offices and meeting rooms.

Along with completing some interior renovations to all 18 floors, including new Resident Directors’ suites, and new first floor main lobby, this project will include the addition of an 18-story exterior double elevator tower. Once the new elevators are turned over to UMass Lowell, a complete modernization/replacement of the two existing elevators will commence.

The two primary Fox Hall elevators are original to the building and were designed to support 420 residents. In addition to being at risk for maintenance failure from the aging equipment, they do not meet the demand of the current resident count of over 800. The University is concerned that student frustration will soon begin to impact their overall experience on campus.

“As one of the premier campus builders known for working on some of the most challenging and sensitive construction projects on active campuses, Walsh Brothers is the ideal choice for the Fox Hall project,” said, Jim Rogers, of LeftField serving as the Owner’s Project Manager. “This project demands a versatile CM with high-rise construction expertise coupled with demonstrated success as a campus builder, completing interior renovations in an existing occupied facility. In addition to being a high-rise builder, Walsh Brothers has significant experience in high-rise elevator construction and modernization work.”

Project highlights will include:

  • 18-story building addition and renovation on an active campus
  • Design assist strategies utilizing prefabrication to reduce the construction schedule and minimize campus disruption
  • Detailed phasing plans and construction activity protocols to maintain building operations and minimize disruptions
  • Knowledge of high-rise life safety systems and integration of fire alarm and smoke control systems.
  • Precast and façade demolition to prepare for high-rise structure and connections on every floor
  • Project schedule and budget managed under a fast-track construction delivery method by providing early design packages and interim GMPs.

The project will be completed in collaboration with University of Massachusetts Building Authority, UMass Lowell, Bergmeyer Associates, LeftField and Walsh Brothers, Incorporated.

UMass Lowell is an urban public research university with nearly 1,200 faculty members and more than 17,000 students. The campus is comprised of 55 buildings with diverse uses and 100 acres of open space and parking lots. It is the second-largest public institution in the state behind UMass Amherst.

Walsh Brothers, Incorporated, founded in 1901 and based in Boston, is a leading construction management firm well known for its work on complex, high-quality and sensitive building projects in a wide range of industries and specialties. For further information go to or at


Kenneth White

Director of Business Development