BOSTON, MA, January 26, 2024 –  Walsh Brothers is proud to have sponsored the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association’s annual conference, which focused on Health Equity. Panelist discussions and keynote speakers addressed:

  • Disparity and equity in the delivery of care
  • Workforce equity and diversity
  • Impact of climate change on health equity
  • Interrelated factors on disparities

The conference started with Kim Lear (founder of Inlay Insights), a researcher and consultant who told us how and what to understand about the changes in the workforce over generations and over time. From the baby boomers to Gen X, Y (Millennials), and Z, she uses longitudinal research data rather than anecdotes and stereotypes to identify what is effective in work. It’s not all about ‘out with the old and in with the new.’

Dr. Uché Blackstock provided uncomfortable data on the persistence of racialized health inequities. She founded Advancing Health Equity to help healthcare organizations “dismantle racism.” Her published book, Legacy: A Black Physician Reckons with Racism in Medicine, tells a compelling story. She hopes to see physicians who are more representative of the population.

The healthcare workforce crises permeated the comments from multiple panelists. Governor Healey reminded us that Health & Human Services are almost half of the state’s budget and state employees and that hospitals are economic engines in many communities. She highlighted twenty-six community-based behavioral health programs that opened this past year and the multiple ways in which the state supports many other community-focused programs.

The technology and innovation panel revealed exciting developments: Best Buy’s technology and Geek Squad have partnered with MGB on home care. Predictive and regenerative AI will improve connectivity and interoperability over time. In five years, retail healthcare (CVS) will be where you get your primary care.

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